Process to future technologies..

Process of Quality Check

Well, we do not risk it at any point so we have kept a process of quality check so that we don’t end up getting 2 stars out of 5.
Once you handle the project to us we hand over the same to our Project Manager who understands the concept and think it over.
The next what the Project Manager does is to handle it over to the Visualizer who visualize the concept, stick it to their thought process and explain the design to the next.
Next involvement is of our Sketch Artist who prepares the draft for the designer.
Our designer is well educated to understand what is explained and he serve the food on the platter.
Now, once the food is prepared and is put on the platter our team of Visualizer, Project Manager and the Writers got back to work again to decorate your food platter.
Our writers have been appointed to tuck some catchy punch lines, attractive slogans and tag lines because everyone loves Spicy food. Don’t you?
They rectify the design and make it print ready so that once the design reaches you, it is perfect to not be blamed but to be praised.

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